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Celebration for the opening of Hsin Lian Metal Co.,Ltd website.


An honest and pragmatic approach to improve quality standards, increase added value and meet customer needs in pursuit of business continuity.


Sustainable development,and create all-win (customers, employees, company). Green environment,professional services,quality assurance first.


No.4, Gongye 1st Rd., Minxiong Township, Chiayi County 621, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Welcome to Hsin Lian Metal Company, Ltd.

Hsin Lian is the tie guan tinplate container manufacturing company.
The main products produced including five gallons of chemical drums, food salad oil drums, all types of wedding cake tin, art cans. We also can meet customer-specific design of the tank-type research and development enterprise (image). Our company takes operating consistency, from developing, plate making, printing, canning shape, distribution, can control the quality of the whole, and completed the product which entrusted by customers.

HsinLian uphold the quality first, the supremacy of the quality assurance policy, focusing on plant internal and external environment of the neat, clean, plant machinery and equipment for all production lines are used from Europe, America and Japan well-known companies to import machinery. HsinLian was elected at the ministry of economic affairs『eighty-four year demonstration to observe the blue-chip factory on glory』in 1995. The Synergy Development Center evaluation of qualified vendors for the defense industry, full employee participation in quality improvement through the ISO 1998 international quality assurance certification.


Professional technology

Free Template We are focus in the aspects of quality and technical, also emphasis on professional development and innovation, to provide the best for all customers needs and services.
Five-gallon chemical drums:used for filling, such as various types of solvents, resins, hardeners, inks, paints.
Five-gallon oil drum:all kinds of edible oil products, such as salad, baked butter, sunflower oil, peanut oil, lard.
Cake boxes:wedding cake boxes can be shared with the professional design and development, new exclusive wedding gift boxes, all kinds of biscuits, confectionery cans, art cans.