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Celebration for the opening of Hsin Lian Metal Co.,Ltd website.


An honest and pragmatic approach to improve quality standards, increase added value and meet customer needs in pursuit of business continuity.


Sustainable development,and create all-win (customers, employees, company). Green environment,professional services,quality assurance first.


No.4, Gongye 1st Rd., Minxiong Township, Chiayi County 621, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Welcome to Hsin Lian Metal Company, Ltd.

Hsin Lian is the tie guan tinplate container manufacturing company.
The main products produced including five gallons of chemical drums, food salad oil drums, all types of wedding cake tin, art cans. We also can meet customer-specific design of the tank-type research and development enterprise (image). Our company takes operating consistency, from developing, plate making, printing, canning shape, distribution, can control the quality of the whole, and completed the product which entrusted by customers.


Sales market

Tin plate containers are the petrochemical industry, oil products, packaging materials indispensable art cans. such as Formosa plastics, military equipment drums, the Chinese petroleum and chemical coatings well-known manufacturers, the salad oil drums, cake the food industry are the main users. the market quality and to meet environmental protection requirements continue to reduce carbon emissions, companies continue to union requirements HsinLian self, update automatic equipment to the market the most advanced technology to provide the best quality and most reasonable prices, and create double win prosperity.

Tin plate characteristics:Tin plate cans are on the environmental soundness, biodegradable, recyclable resource saving, the most environmentally friendly packaging material, packaging container purposes, will have a broader space for development. this feature is in line with international standards iso-14000 environmental management regulated.